EW Physical Therapy treating the ROOT of the problem not just the symptoms
 EW Physical Therapy treating the ROOT of the problem            not just the symptoms 

What to Expect

New Patients:


By law a referral or prescription for physical therapy from a medical professional is required to begin evaluation and treatment. It may be written by an MD, DO, physician assistant, advanced nurse practitioner, dentist, or podiatrist. If you have not secured this referral for the initial appointment, no treatment can be performed and you will still be charged for the full appointment time.  It is your responsibility to obtain and maintain a current referral prior to evaluation and during your treatments.


New Patient Paperwork:


When booking a new appointment, please also book a second appointment (within a week of the first one). This will ensure that your first and follow up appointments are not too far apart since the schedule is often booked out more than two weeks in advance. New patient paperwork is located under the patient forms tab on this website.


Treatment Approach:


The main goal of EW Physical Therapy is to provide the best possible care. Clients receive 50-55 minutes of therapy emphasizing hands-on techniques with the same therapist each visit. There are no aides to instruct or supervise exercises. Time is spent on treatment that you cannot reproduce yourself. Exercises or stretches that can be done at home are  not performed during individual sessions. Instead, instruction on how to perform them is provided and it is then your responsibility to complete them at home.


In summary, EW Physical Therapy stresses the importance of consistency of care, having the same therapist, 50-55 minute long therapy sessions, manual therapy treatments, and home exercise programs that work.


Philosophy of Treatment:


The advantage of being a cashed based therapist is that a contract is with the patient, not an insurance company, to provide service in a manner determined to reach their physical therapy goals more efficiently. The current trend in the health insurance industry is to increase the patient's responsibility for their healthcare. This shows in higher copays. Additonally, a maximum out of pocket level must be reached, and you still have to pay a portion of the amount billed until you reach their magic number. As a result, patients are paying for the majority of their healthcare out of pocket, but not getting the best value for their dollar. Health savings accounts, consumer driven health plans, and the desire to remain active as people age, make cash based services an important part of the changes taking place in the healthcare industry and maintains high quality treatment options.


Flat rate billing is simple. There are no hidden charges and those charges never change based on the interventions used. Cash based therapy guarantees more effort on the part of the therapist to make a personal business successful and, in turn, provides outstanding care for ultimate customer statisfaction. Seeing only one patient per session for the entire peroid of time leads to faster recovery with fewer necessary visits. No more run of the mill, on the clock therapists who are with you for fifteen minutes, then pass you on to an aide with a cookie cutter program that does not progress you toward your goals.


Clients will discover that the out of pocket costs are comparable to in-network copays when considering 50-55 minute sessions that yield effective results in less time and home programs that maintain results. Your time is important and receiving the best quality care will get you back to work sooner and back to enjoying the things you like to do. Being out of the insurance game grants a therapist more time to treat patients in a personalized way that delivers results.


When you consider the time savings of less appointments and the value of resolving your pain so much faster, the out of pocket expense at EW Physical Therapy is a bargain.






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